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Five Ways to Make Your Bath Time More Enjoyable

So many times, I have heard people say that you shouldn’t take a bath while pregnant and I just can’t understand why they should think this way.  This is my first pregnancy so I’m no expert but I do know that I suffer with more backache, leg ache and headaches than I have ever had before and having a bath makes me feel so much better.

Lying in a warm bath is one of the best ways I know to relieve the stress – physical and mental – brought on by pregnancy. It’s also an important time for me because it’s the only time I really get to myself.  So, because of that, I decided that I was going to make my bath time more enjoyable and here’s how I do it:

  • I have a bath every day, at the same time of day and make it a part of my daily ritual
  • I never allow myself to overheat – I know some people like their bath water as hot as possible but that’s not healthy, especially not in pregnancy!
  • I use a good quality bubble bath – I’ve had to give up so many other things, this is my way of treating myself.
  • I made the bathroom into my little haven – I got some great bathroom accessories online, from this company – just a few bits to make the room something a little bit special. I also light candles to help set the mood a little but I don’t use scented ones – I tried them but my sense of smell is a lot keener than it used to be and they made me feel a little sick!
  • I don’t get dressed straightaway.  I spend time in my fave bathrobe, lounging on the bed, moisturize my skin and just relax for a while before getting back into the swing of things.

Listen ladies, having a baby is a life changing event and I know that, once the little one is here, things like laying in the bath for an hour and using candles will all go out of the window, at least for a few years!  That’s why I take the time out now and enjoy what time I have left to myself and you should to!

Being a First-Time Mother: Thoughts on My Ever-Changing Breasts

As an expectant mother who is waiting for her first baby to come into this world, the gradual changes in my body have made me realize just how beautiful it is to be pregnant – even if it is a bit painful at times. Among all of the body changes throughout my pregnancy, I am most fascinated with my breasts, which have gotten bigger and fuller. It is because it is wonderful to know that I am preparing to nourish my baby once I give birth. Sometimes, I catch myself looking at the mirror, amazed at how they are truly an interesting work of nature.

However, what puzzles me is how much they can also be a burden. Just the other day, I was surfing the web looking for tips on how to take care of them when I came across this site about male breast reduction in San Diego, and another about breast reduction in Cedar Rapids. I never knew that people who are well-endowed could have physical health issues in the long run. It surprised me more that even males could have large breasts. Of course, it is understandable why men undergo breast reduction surgeries. It is a matter of pride for them, because large breasts are definitely not normal in men.

Amazed with this male problem that I discovered, I searched for more details. As per medical websites, men with large breasts might have a condition called gynecomastia. A lot of people believe that obesity is the main cause of this health condition. However, research says there are other causes for gynecomastia such as:

  • Congenital abnormality
  • Excessive usage of anabolic steroids and other bodybuilding drugs
  • Excessive alcohol intake
  • Sudden weight loss which causes skin sagging
  • Diseases like cancer and liver failure

Breast reduction may be the solution for men that are too conscious of their body, however, experts advice that they try doing regular exercise and having a healthy diet first. Depending on the person’s metabolism, natural methods of breast reduction might also work. These natural options take some time to show results, but the patient could avoid paying a huge amount for surgery.

The procedure for male breast reduction is quite similar to women’s, although the length of the procedure is shorter. With the use of general anesthetic, incision and liposuction will be performed while the patient is asleep. This operation usually lasts around 80-90 minutes, depending on how much work is needed. As for the healing process, it is recommended that the patient stay at home for a week and avoid doing tasks that require a lot of movement. This is needed to ensure that the stitches will be kept intact while healing.

A few days after my research, it occurred to me that if ever these growing breasts of mine will never go back to their normal size, I might probably consult a cosmetic surgeon. But of course, I’ll only consider breast reduction, if it comes to that, once my child is no longer suckling.

Does Hormone Replacement Therapy Really Work for Pregnancy?

When women have already reached the age of 45-50, they start undergoing menopause. At this stage, they are no longer capable of conceiving a child. However, there are those who still seek for help from Science to conceive a child at their late age. Though there are a lot of modern techniques available today, not all of them work. They are also very costly.

Among the modern techniques used today is the hormone replacement therapy. During the menopausal stage, women start dropping their estrogen and progesterone levels. This is one of the reasons for their inability to conceive a child. Thus, the said therapy is used so that women don’t suffer from the symptoms of menopausal.

What Happens during the Therapy

There are different types of treatments done in order to stimulate the hormones. For instance, a pill may be given to the patient to promote hormones that help induce ovulation. If the said treatment fails, an injection may be used in order to stimulate the eggs and immediately release them into the fallopian tubes. The procedure varies depending on the need of the patient. Before undergoing any procedure, the patient has to go through consultation first to check whether this therapy could really work or not. Also, patients are advised that the therapy may or may not work. There have been documented cases when the said therapy worked, but it is not always guaranteed.

Possible Side Effects

Those who have opted for this therapy could possibly suffer from side effects. This includes stomach pain, nausea, fatigue, headache, weight gain, depression and chest pain. It might also be required for some patients to go on a complete bed rest for full recovery. There are other pills given to the patients that may induce multiple babies in one pregnancy. Thus, it may lead to serious pregnancy complications or even miscarriage.

The good news is that more modern hormone replacement therapy procedures are available these days. Women who wish to get pregnant later in their life may undergo the said therapy with lesser risks and more chances of success. To know more about it, you can check out hormone replacement therapy in Miami here.

Maintaining Your Fab During Pregnancy

Soon-to-be-moms silently agonize over the “fact” that they look less appealing week after week. They complain of weight gain, skin discoloration, saggy eyes, and an overall unkempt look.

In my job, I was used to keeping myself looking as best as possible. This was a necessity rather than a choice, because I constantly dealt with various kinds of people. Doing business with shabby clothing is hardly the way to success. I admit that I was a bit worried about losing my beauty during pregnancy, but my worries were banished just by doing these simple tips:

1. Eat for beauty. Pregnant women have a lot of food cravings, and oftentimes, these foods are not good for the overall beauty of a woman. To make sure that you still glow from within, eat lots of fruits and vegetables regularly. These are rich in antioxidants that will help your body replenish its moisture and radiance on its own.

2. Get plenty of rest. Women are prone to stress and worry during pregnancy, and much to our dismay, this leads to poor skin condition. Sleep or take a nap as frequently as you can to help your body do its normal functions like regenerating your skin, improving blood flow, and hastening nutrient delivery throughout the body.

3. Go easy on showers. Don’t get me wrong; you still need to take a bath every day. But prolonged exposure to water and/or soaps can cause skin irritation. Remember that your skin is twice as sensitive during pregnancy.

4. Maintain you beauty regimen.  Do not lag behind your beauty treatments; however, check with your doctors first if it’s okay to go to spas or have a bikini wax during the current stage of pregnancy. But treat yourself occasionally. Have manicure and pedicure, get gentle facial, or do something with your hair. You can go for a rebond or you can curl it. You can get the best curling iron in the market here and use it at home to get wavy, sexy hair. In my case, I have to get the best curling iron for thick hair (more info:

5. Be careful with chemicals. If it says noncomedogenic and nonacnegenic, then go for it. Some products may contain chemicals that are harsh on the skin, or worse, may harm your baby. So better be watchful when it comes to chemical-laden products. 

Varicose Veins During Pregnancy

Working too hard to attain your aspirations and secure your future is not bad, but you always need to look out for yourself, especially with your health and particularly when you are pregnant. I’ve been a loyal and a full-time company executive for almost 10 years now and my job requires a lot of thinking, talking, walking, and long periods of standing. That’s why when I found out that I am starting to have varicose veins on my calves it didn’t surprise me at all. One of my colleagues also has the same case as mine, and she went for treatment early. She recommended a vein removal clinic in Scottsdale, and gave me the website in case I want to check it out. I just ignored her advice not knowing that later on, I will be need treatment as well.

What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins are swollen blood vessels that can be found in most parts of the body, particularly on the calves. Experts say that aging, genetics and prolonged standing are just a few of the main causes of varicose veins.  In my case, what triggered them was my daily activity, which puts too much pressure on the veins on my lower limbs that resulted to varicose veins. Having varicose veins never bugged me at all, since I don’t really like wearing skirts to work, so I did not see any need to be conscious of them. That was until I discovered I am expecting my first child. As I was reading articles about pregnancy and women's health that I came upon some information on varicose veins during pregnancy.

Here are some facts that I have learned regarding varicose veins during pregnancy:

Varicose veins can be inherited. If the mother have varicose veins, there's a hundred percent possibility that the offspring will also have it as well.

  • A pregnant woman cannot undergo any varicose vein treatments. Anesthesia and other recovery medicines used in surgical operations are not allowed for pregnant women. Even laser surgery that does not need any medications to be administered is not advisable because radiation is not good for pregnant women.
  • Inflamed varicose veins present some risks. It may lead to a more serious condition like blood clot that is why consulting a practitioner during pregnancy is advisable.
  • Undergoing any varicose vein treatment after giving birth will not do any harm to the mother. If breastfeeding, don’t forget to inform the doctor. There are some substances that breastfeeding mothers can and cannot take.
  • Varicose veins are itchy, especially when pregnant.
  • Varicose veins can be removed or tied shut. It depends on the patient’s preference.

Since I reside in Massachusetts, I decided to book at this vein treatment in Springfield by checking their website. They offer different types of varicose vein treatment and that is what I’m curious about. I seriously hate feeling pained so I really hope they have a treatment where knives and needles are not needed.

It is a common misconception that varicose veins cannot cause a more serious health condition like blood clots and vein cancer that is why they tend to ignore its existence.  Now that I know the health risks it may cause me and my future babies, I will definitely do the same thing that my colleague did – get treatment as early as possible and share my knowledge about varicose veins.

Facts about Treating Spider Veins During Pregnancy

It is already a given fact that being pregnant for 9 months is not easy. It is even worsened when you suffer from other illnesses brought about by pregnancy. One of them is when you experience varicose veins. Since you have gained weight due to the presence of another being inside your body, there is too much pressure given on the lower part of your body. Thus, when you are on your second or third trimester, you might see varicose veins starting to form in your legs.

This is not just painful, but could also bring you down more. You know that you are becoming fat, you suffer from muscle pains and now you have one more suffering to bear. In this case, you might consider going for sclerotherapy.

Is It Safe to Get Sclerotherapy When Pregnant?

Unlike other procedures, sclerotherapy is non-invasive. This means that you don’t have to be cut or wounded. You don’t even have to be injected with anesthesis just to get the entire process done. For pregnant women, as long as there is no anesthesia that could cause fetus abortion, the process could be safe. Furthermore, a few injections on the affected area will not necessarily affect pregnancy.

However, despite the fact that sclerotherapy is non-invasive and could be over in less than an hour, it is still a procedure that could harm pregnancy. In the US, the process is rarely done to pregnant women. Doctors don’t want to take the risk as there could be a lot of potential effects that are detrimental to both the baby and the mother.

Also, there is a good chance that the varicose veins will be gone after pregnancy. These swollen veins are effects of pregnancy. Once the baby is out, the lines will start to go until such time that they are already invisible. You just have to be patient.

If varicose veins are really painful, then you might have to apply creams or doctor recommended products that are applied externally. Don’t take medicines or pills that are not recommended by the doctor. Though creams won’t necessarily remove spider veins, the pain could at least subside.

Going for Sclerotherapy After Pregnancy

As in any other procedure, the safest time to undergo medication is at least 6 months after giving birth. However, since slcerotherapy is non-invasive, a month or so would already suffice. However, this should only be done if varicose veins are still highly visible. Once they start to get better, then you just have to wait for a few more days or weeks. They could be completely gone.

Anything that you do to your body during and after pregnancy must have approval from your Ob-Gyn. Don’t just do any treatment because you think it is best for you. There might be side effects that could be highly detrimental.

Should you have permission later on to go for spider vein treatment, then go for it. In fact, you can treat spider veins in Walpole by checking this out. You might also check out a vein center in Santa Barbara here.

What You Need to Know about Plastic Surgery During and After Pregnancy

There are a lot of issues regarding women going through surgery during pregnancy. In general, it is not recommended to do any form of elective surgery during pregnancy. There are some women, though, who want to do breast implant removal while they are pregnant in order to prepare to nurse their babies. There are also a few who want to do lip reduction as they feel like their lips have started to swell while they are pregnant.

Most obstetricians would say that any surgery that requires anesthetic should not be done. Anesthesis may actually cause abortion of the baby especially for those who are in their first quarter of pregnancy. However, there are emergency cases such as appendicitis where surgery should be done right away. Other than these emergency cases, surgery should not be done at all.

For those who really wish to fix something on their face or body, doctors would suggest to wait for up to 6 months after giving birth before doing anything just to be safe. By then, there will no longer be harsh side effects for any cosmetic surgery to be done.

Stretch Marks Removal via Surgery

Among the biggest aesthetic problems encountered by women who have just given are stretch marks. These marks form due to the rapid expansion of the skin cells. It is very common for those who have sudden weight gain and those who are pregnant. Though there are creams and other medicines applied externally to treat stretch marks, most of them don’t work at all.

This is why surgery is recommended. Lasers and phototherapy may be used in order to reduce redness especially if the stretch marks were formed in less than a year. After the procedure, the stretch marks’ visibility will be reduced. There are also large stretch marks that may be removed via surgery. However, fine lines will still be visible, but it looks a lot better. The only thing to remember is that the skin is like a rubber band. It may be stretched up to a certain point, but it can ever be returned to its original length. These procedures might do something to augment the problem, but they can only do as much.

The best way to solve the problem is to consult your surgeon first. You need to have an assessment of the problem to see if laser is the best solution or not. It also goes without saying that you have to check the cost since it could really blow up depending on your problem.

Trusting the Right Surgeon for the Job

When you have decided to go for surgery after pregnancy, you have to find the right person who will help you out. Make sure that your surgeon has years of experiences in this field. You also need to seek for recommendations from friends.

If you wish to find the best plastic surgeon Beverly hills, check this out. For more information about plastic surgeon in Denver, visit Make the right decision!

Pregnant Women Should Look Into Binary Options Trading

I am expecting my first child. As other mothers know, expecting one’s first child can be an exhilarating yet confusing experience. There’s nothing that can compare to the excitement of carrying one’s first child. On the other hand, one can be left feeling confused by the experience. Mothers-to-be might end up panicking because they don’t know if the things they’re doing are appropriate. In my case, I wanted to continue working even this late in my pregnancy. However, my doctor told me that my job was too stressful and that continuing to work could have detrimental effects on my baby. Unfortunately for me, due to the nature of my work, I’m only able to receive base pay when I’m on leave.

Luckily, though, a friend of mine talked to me about binary options trading. Apparently, binary options trading really is a great way to make a fair bit of extra money in a non-stressful way. The best part is that it is actually very easy to learn. By working with a legitimate brokerage, anyone can now learn how to do binary options trading without risking their initial investment. In my case, I ended up working with Banc de Binary. My friend referred the brokerage to me, and I ended working with them after I saw Banc de Binary’s awards on their homepage.

Through Banc de Binary, I am able to earn thousands of extra dollars a month. The best part is that I’m actually a natural trader. Aside from tutorial services making binary options trading at Banc de Binary a smooth experience, my experiences as a company executive help me make sound trading decisions. It’s really amazing. I actually didn’t expect that I’d be able to apply my business strategies to binary options trading, but apparently, placing binary options trades is just like executing financial deals at work.

When I told my gynecologist about what I was doing, she didn’t protest. Apparently, many of her patients actually do binary options trading too. Many moms from all over the world now do binary options trading when they are unable to work their regular jobs. Sometimes, moms even make it their primary career. This is because binary options trading can be profitable enough to provide a good living when one solely focuses on it. Many single moms who spend just half a day doing binary options trading each day are able to provide for the needs of their family.

Hopefully, this post of mine proves helpful to the other mothers-to-be out there. And who knows? This post of mine might end up proving helpful to my male readers too. I know many of my readers are males who regularly visit my blog for financial tips, and I can definitely say that doing binary options trading is good for one’s finances. It doesn’t matter whether one does binary options trading part-time or full-time, what’s important is that one actually does it. Tomorrow, I’ll be talking about other preparations I’m making for my first child. Visit my blog again tomorrow to know about them.

Needing a Transvaginal Mesh Implant After My Pregnancy

When I first found out that I was pregnant, it was one of the most joyous times of my life. I was fully aware that pregnancy was going to change my body, and I was expecting stretch marks, back pain and weight gain. What I wasn’t ready for was the pelvic floor problems that my little bundle of joy would cause.

A couple of months into my pregnancy, I started showing; during this time I started losing control of my bladder when I would move quickly, cough or sneeze. I originally chalked it up to being one of the side effects of pregnancy, but I started to get worried when the symptoms wouldn’t go away.

I went to my doctor, and he told me that I was experiencing pelvic organ prolapse due to my pregnancy, and if the symptoms didn’t go away after pregnancy, I would need to go in for surgery.

How Did Pregnancy Cause This?

If you’ve ever been pregnant, then you know how much a baby can change your body. My baby put a lot of pressure on my pelvic floor; it was enough pressure to stretch the muscles in my pelvis out. When this happened, my organs started to shift around in my abdomen, and they slowly started to seep through my pelvic floor.

My baby grew, and my symptoms got worse; it didn’t help that my baby weighed more than eight pounds when I delivered him. When he grew bigger, he needed more room, and this put even more pressure on my pelvis. My doctor told me this was fairly common, and he said that more than 50 percent of women who give birth have pelvic problems at some point in their life.

Repairing Stress Urinary Incontinence And Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Labor was hard on my body; all the pushing and straining put my pelvis through the ringer. After I gave birth, my doctor told me that I had to get a transvaginal mesh implant (topic overview) to make my symptoms go away forever. If I didn’t get one, I’d suffer urinary incontinence and pain until I got it taken care of.

I knew having a newborn child was going to be a handful, so I decided to get the procedure done as soon as I could; I didn’t want to take away from my baby’s life because I was in constant pain.

Fortunately, getting a transvaginal mesh wasn’t as big of a deal as giving birth was. The procedure took less than an hour, and I was able to go home the day after I had it done. My doctor said that that my mesh will hold everything in place, and my symptoms shouldn’t come back.

I really think I made the right decision. Having a baby is a crazy time in your life, and being in pain and discomfort from a prolapse is no way to live your life when you have a newborn. My transvaginal mesh allows me to move around without pain, and it lets me be the mother that I need to be.


nannyChoosing someone other than a family member or friend to care for your children in your absence is one of the most difficult decisions a parent can make.  To help us in thinking about this critical choice, here is a list of the top ten things to hope for in a nanny:

Ten:  You want your nanny to be reasonably strong and agile.  Watching kids is strenuous work.  Your nanny should be up to the task.

Nine:  You want your nanny to cook well.  There’s no need for a gourmet chef, but you don’t want someone who can’t handle the basics of food preparation.

Eight:  You want your nanny to be tidy.   You don’t need a maid, but you want a nanny who keeps the areas around your little one clean and doesn’t wreck your home.

Seven:  You want your nanny to be self-assured.  Kids emulate personality traits.  You’ll want yours to learn confidence.

Six:  You want your nanny to be creative.  You don’t want someone who sticks to the same routine every day.  Children crave variety and imaginative inspiration.

Five:  You want your nanny to be chatty.  Babies need verbal stimulation to develop their minds.  You want a nanny who talks to your baby as much as you do.

Four:  You want your nanny to have a good memory and presence of mind.  Absentmindedness is okay for professors, not so okay for caregivers.

Three:  You need someone who is consistently reliable.  Half of life is showing up, and you need your nanny to do so.

Two:  Judgment, judgment, judgment!  You need your nanny to have excellent judgment in every situation.

And the number one thing to hope for in a nanny is:

You need your nanny to love your children.

Don’t be threatened by this last hope.  Your nanny will never be your child’s parent.  Only you can be that.  Ideally, your nanny will form a relationship with your child, one that may outlast the limited parameters of employment.   Let’s all hope our children have as many special relationships in their lives as good fortune, and good parenting, can provide.